Semi-dry head, 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Organized Split Needle Bar

The sewing machine with organized split needle bars is the only sewing machine in the industry that comes with the semi-dry head. It helps reduce poor-quality products due to oil stains even in the case of product items which have corner stitching sections.

*The semi-dry head sewing machine with organized split needle bars is only available from JUKI.
*A thread tension control mechanism has been developed for each type of sewing machine in order to achieve the best-suited thread tension for its purpose.
*Two selectable new-method oiling mechanisms.

Model Name LH-3568A-7 LH-3568A LH-3588A-7 (large hooks) LH-3588A (large hooks)
Application S: Medium-weight, G: Jeans and heavy-weight G: Jeans and heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed 3,000sti/min 3,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 5mm 5mm
Needle gauge 3.2~25.4mm (1/8″~1″) 3.2~25.4mm (1/8″~1″)
Presser foot By hand: 7mm, By knee: 13mm By hand: 7mm, By knee: 13mm
Needle S: DP×5 (#14) #9~#16
G: DP×5 (#21) #16~#23
G: DP×5 (#21) #16~#23