Automatic 2-needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine

The machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop, which ensures increased productivity. The feed mechanism incorporates a computer-controlled X-Y method to allow the operator to change the number of stitches and sewing sizes.

Model Name MOL-254
Max. sewing speed 2,500sti/min
Number of stitches 28, 36, 42 (selectable on the operating panel)
Needle gauge 40~70mm (1-37/64″~2-3/4″)
Bartacking length 7~22mm (9/32″~55/64″) (adjustable in increments of 0.1mm)
Bartacking width 1~3.2mm (3/64″~1/8″) (adjustable in increments of 0.1mm)
Belt-loop width 9~20mm (23/64″~25/32″)
Finished length of belt-loop 48~78mm (1-57/64″~3-5/64″)
Needle 438 (Nm70), DP×5 (#10)