MS-1190 (2-needle, for light- to medium weight)

Feed-off-the-arm, Double Chainstitch Machine

Thanks to the thread guide located between the needle bar thread take-up and the intermediate tention release lever, the timing to tense the needle thread can be decreased.

As a result, the machine is capable of beautiful stitches with a soft appearance even when heavy-weight material is used.

Model Name MS-1190 MS-1190M
Application Light-weight Medium-weight
Max. sewing speed 4,000sti/min
Needle gauge 3.2mm (1/8″)~6.4mm (1/4″)
Stitch length 1.2mm~3.2mm
Needle TV×64-NY (#12) #8~#14
B-64 (Nm80) Nm60~Nm90
TV×64-NY (#16) #12~#19
B-64 (Nm100) Nm80~Nm120