Computer-controlled Cycle Sewing Machine with Input Function (name embroidery type)

This is the name (alphabetic/Japanese/Chinese characters) embroidering machine which achieves the embroidering-machine industry’s highest sewing speed of 2,000sti/min.

The sewing machine is a computer-controlled cycle machine provided with an input function. Once the operator places a piece of material on the sewing machine, the sewing machine carries out the entire sequence of embroidering according to the preliminarily input name data from start to the thread trimming under finish in a fully-automatic manner. With this function, the machine enables even an inexperienced operator to beautifully and speedily embroider names with accuracy.

Model Name AMS-210EN-1306/7450
Application Standard (light- to medium-weight)
Max. sewing speed 2,000sti/min
Sewing area X: 130mm × Y: 60mm
Stitch length 0.1~12.7mm (0.05mm step)
Storage of pattern
data in the memory
Main-body memory:
Max. 500,000 stitches, 999 patterns (max. 50,000 stitches / pattern)
External media:
Max. 50,000,000 stitches, 999 patterns (max. 50,000 stitches / pattern)
Needle DP×17 (#11)