Computer-controlled, Dry-head, Lockstitch Sleeve Setting Machine with Multi-programming Device

The machine is the culmination of JUKI’s leading edge technologies to enable a sleeve setting process, which is the most difficult of all sewing processes, thereby more easily achieving upgraded seam quality. The machine comes with a newly developed belt feed mechanism that offers excellent responsiveness to materials and ease of their handling.

Model Name DP-2100
Max. sewing speed 3,500sti/min (feed pitch 1.5~4.0mm)
Stitch length
(both top and bottom)
Amount of the alternating
vertical movement of the
presser foot and walking foot
Max. 3.5mm
Number of programs
that can be input
99 programs
Number of steps that can be
input (for one program)
30 steps
Needle DP×17 #10􀊙#14