Automatic 1-needle shoelace loop attaching machine (Provided with a preset loader)

The AB-1360 / CR-10A sewing machine with a preset loader automatically feeds shoelace loops and shoe tongues to the correct shoelace loop attaching position, thereby no longer requiring manual positioning of those parts. The sewing machine is an automatic machine which realizes full-automatic sewing while eliminating inconsistency in quality and sewing position faults caused by the operator.

Model Name AB-1360/CR-10A
Machine head LK-1962/ABH
(Specifically-designed semi-dry machine head)
Max. sewing speed 2,500sti/min
Lift of work clamp foot 20mm
Hook Horizontal-axis rotary hook
Needle bar stroke 45.7mm
Needle DP×17 (#18)
Shoelace loop width 6~12mm
Finished length of shoelace loop 15~20mm