Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine

The unison-feed provides the optimal feed efficiency by feeding heavy materials smoothly and firmly.

The diameter of the cylinder is as small as ø46mm for a standard hook or ø50mm for a double-capacity hook. The small-diameter cylinder is quite helpful for handling bags, shoes, and other small articles smoothly and easily.

Model Name DSC-244U(V) DSC-245U(V), 245(V)-7 DSC-246U(V), 246(V)-7
Application V type: attaching of piping tape
Max. sewing speed 2,200sti/min
Max. stitch length 6mm
Presser foot By knee: 13mm,
15mm (without trimmer)
By knee: 14mm
By knee: 15mm
(without trimmer)
Alternating vertical movement 3.0~4.8mm
Needle DP×17 (#18) #14~#21 DP×17(#21) #14~#23
Thread #50~#20, B33~B69,
#50~#8, B33~B92,